The Fool: Journey through the Major Arcana Part 0

You can download The Fool: Journey through the Major Arcana Part 0 as a PDF


In September 2011, a small intuitive spark said that maybe my wife Vanessa should learn to read the Tarot. I had no idea how far this would go, or indeed if she would even want to learn. Cut to June 2013 and Vanessa has her own tarot reading business and is  enjoying her Tarot journey more than I could have hoped for. I cannot take credit for V actually learning to read the Tarot, that came from an amazing offer from Tarot Professionals, but I feel I can take credit for the foundations that Vanessa built her Tarot reading abilities on. I like to keep life simple, but thorough. I simply gave Vanessa a deck, (Ciro Marchetti’s Legacy of the Divine), a pad and a some coloured pencils, and asked her to draw the cards, colour them in and then write how she feels about the card, what emotions and what she thought the card meant. Vanessa’s creative side really got into this project, and because of the drawing she got to know each card intimately. Occasionally she would ask if her “meaning” for the card was correct, and annoyingly for Vanessa I would answer that there is no right or wrong, if that is what that card means to you, then it’s right. Having said that, when the project was finished and I finally “allowed” Vanessa to compare her meanings for the cards to a book, they were all spot on, truly.

This journey is in 22 parts, one for each of the Major Arcana. I’ll make each part available every two weeks. I’ve used the BOTA deck for this course. If you would prefer to use the Rider-Waite-Smith, please feel free to head over to Tarot-Taxi where Rootweaver has that deck to download.
I feel I should stress, these work sheets are not going to teach you to read the Tarot cards, but by doing some, or all of the exercises, you may gain a better understanding of the cards.

0: The Fool



The White Rose represents the Fool’s desire for the higher good. It is a symbol for purity. The rose could also be seen as a metaphor for life, although a rose bush has thorns, there is also beauty in the flowers. Stamped Fool

The Staff shows that the Fool is on a journey, he is not out just for a walk. There is a transition from one place to another or a shift from one situation to the next. The staff is a masculine symbol; it represents his will and virility.

The Bindle or Wallet shows the Fool is carrying only what he needs, it contains the Fool’s experience so far. On the Bindle/Wallet are two symbols, the Eye of Horus showing that the Fool is watched by Divinity and an eagle, a bird with extraordinary sight.

The Belt has twelve knots, one for each of the signs of the zodiac, (only seven are visible, trust me, all twelve are on the belt).

The Red Feather, a symbol of high ambition. It is set at a jaunty angle denoting playfulness; do not expect seriousness from this character.

The White Undershirt symbolises innocence, he shows no harm.

Yod Heh Vau Heh: At The Fool’s neckline. The tetragrammaton, a four letter symbol (Hebrew) for the ineffable name for the most high God/ess.

The Red Lining shows the power and passion that are in his nature.

The Laurel Wreath, a victorious spirit. The Wreath also shows that the Fool’s journey is circular.

The Mountains indicate attainment. They are the symbolic heights that we as humans, have the potential to reach.

The White Sun represents Kether on the Qabalistic tree of life, he is being directed from above, whether that means his higher self or divinity is down to personal interpretation.

The Dog represents our animal instincts that are always with us. Is the dog barking to warn the Fool of the imminent danger of the cliff edge? Or encouraging him. In this context the Fool could be our spiritual self and the dog our intellectual self. Our intellect will try to divert us from a spiritual path. The Fool is ignoring the dog, not listening to someone who is trying to help, or being ignored while trying to help someone.

Zero, The Fool is “numbered” nought, zero, nothing. Like a blank canvas there are unlimited possibilities to become anything.


All the elements are represented in this card, Fire in the sun, Water in the snow on the distant mountains, Air in the breeze that blows the Fools garments and Earth in the mountains.


Astrology: Uranus

Element: Air

Hebrew letter: Aleph (meaning ox)

Musical note: E

Colour: Pale yellow

Gem: Tourmaline, turquoise

Animal: Eagle, man, butterfly

Plant: Aspen, peppermint

Herb: Ginseng


1. Colour in The Fool card. Either by hand using good old fashioned pencils, pens or paint, or digitally with Photoshop or a free art software package like This is a great exercise for getting to know the card intimately; it also encourages the inner child to come out to play, which is never a bad thing.

2. Study The Fool for a few moments and then write down any free associations that come to mind.

3. Write a description of The Fool but, do not interpret anything or speculate about anything, just write a pure description of the card. For example, you would write “the sun is in the sky” instead of “the sun is rising”, we don’t know for sure that it is rising, no speculating, “just the facts ma’am”.

4.  Write a short story concerning events in this card. This can be anything, it is totally up to you. It could be a memory that is brought to mind, a joke, remember, there is no right or wrong when it comes to the Tarot.

 5. Meditate on The Fool, try to feel the brisk mountain air and the sun on your back. Write your experiences down in your journal (if you keep one).

6. Think of a scene in a movie or a book, or a song that you feel represents this card.

Please feel free to comment below, letting me know how you get on.

You can download The Fool: Journey through the Major Arcana Part 0 as a PDF

I’m sorry, I have taken these PDF’s away for the time, I was never really happy with them (Mr perfectionist), and decided that I want to finish what I started and make them more informative and, well…. better.

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Thank you.


12 thoughts on “The Fool: Journey through the Major Arcana Part 0

  1. This is wonderful Spike! Thank you….. I’m finally just setting out on the 78 Days course after my balloon stalled last year but have followed Vanessa’s journey with huge admiration and love having the benefit of your inspiration and knowledge here now too…. what a team you guys are!

  2. Thank you so much, Spike, this is fabulous!!!!! I’m one of Vanessa’s class mates from the 78 Days course and I am totally addicted to Tarot. Collecting decks, studying as much as possible and I really appreciate your approach here. Looking forward to lots of coloring and connecting to the cards! 🙂

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