Advanced Tarot Course

To everyone following the “Journey Through the Major Arcana”, I apologise for the lack of posts to do with this “trip”. Currently I (and Vanessa) are on Dusty White’s nine week “Advanced Tarot Secrets61Po+iD+AEL” course, which is a brilliant experience for the both of us, but, it is very intensive and hence it is leaving me with very little time to be doing anything else.

The course is in the form of webinars that are live 5 times a week. The only thing is, Dusty lives in California and with us living in Spain there is a nine-hour time difference so we are getting up at all sorts of times in the small hours of the night to attend. Yes the lessons are recorded so why don’t we watch the recordings at a time more convenient to ourselves? Well, because that’s too passive for my liking, just watching and not being able to interact is (to me) mind numbingly dull and not a very good way to learn, and this course is pretty advanced stuff. So, it’s off to bed to catch a few hours kip before the alarm goes off, two hours (sometimes more), of learning, and then a few more hours sleep before the cats decide that the bed is now a trampoline, and it’s time to get moving. Do I sound like I am moaning?? Absolutely not, this is an amazing opportunity to further myself in my craft, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

All this is a roundabout way of saying to please bear with me, I have not lost interest in the Journey, I have just stopped off for a bit en route.  At the time of writing the Lovers card is “painted”, I just have to put the PDF together and post it to the website, hopefully some time next week?¿!

Many thanks 🙂



3 thoughts on “Advanced Tarot Course

  1. So sorry I couldn’t afford to join you on the course but happy you both seem to be getting a lot out of it. Not jealous at all…….much, ha, ha.

    Cathi xx

    • Ah Cathi, you would love this one. Try to get the book, the exercises are astonishing, you would get so much from it. (Crumbs, I sound like an advert, no affiliation, but you know when you’re onto something great).
      Have a great weekend x x

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