About & Contact

My name is Spike Peregrine.

Just like my style of Tarot reading, I’ll be succinct and to the point (sort of).

I read the Tarot, I have done for a good few years.

I drink, smoke (occasionally), and swear (profusely). Political correctness is not my forte, and if the cards contradict what a client is telling me, I’ll always side with my cards. If I feel that you are not getting the point of what the cards are telling you, an F-bomb will be delivered.

I live with my wife and soul mate (both the same person), and our four cats in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, Andalucía, far away from the hullabaloo that is the Costa del Sol.

MeI taught my wife, Vanessa the basics of Tarot reading, she then went on to do a course and is now a brilliant Tarot reader with a worldwide client base.

I love hiking, mostly around the hills near to our home, but I did the Camino de Santiago (route Camino Francés), in 2012 and I’m planning to walk the Pyrenees, west to east next year.

Conversely, I am a couch potato who watches as many films as I can get my hands on. Sci-Fi and fantasy mostly, although I have watched Titanic over twenty times, and Fiddler on the Roof is just the best!

We try to live as green as we possibly can. We grow a lot of our own food, tomatoes, lettuce, beetroot, chillies, melons etc. We find uses for things that we find, things that the everyday folks leave behind. Reduce, reuse, recycle is the maxim we try to live by.

I try to live a spiritual life, I meditate most days, I am an Usui Reiki master, a novice Shaman journeyer, and I practice magic in the kitchen, (my paella is to die for).

I have never played Dungeons and Dragons. I prefer the Rolling Stones over the Beatles, but Bob Dylan is my hero.

The finca (Spanish farm) where we live is surrounded by orange, mandarin, lemon and avocado trees, with some almond trees further on down the valley. As I sit in the sunshine writing this, I can catch the scent of strawberries, orange blossom and jasmine on the breeze.

The Peregrine of my name is the archaic definition, meaning to come from another country; foreign or outlandish.

I hand craft wands from almond wood, and then consecrate them under a full moon, it’s a real hippy thing to do and it makes me happy.

I work at TABI in a volunteer capacity, I am the Free Reader Monitor and endorsed Tarot reader.

I read with the Sacred Sites deck and the Tarot Illuminati, and on occasion the Thoth. On a recommendation I have just purchased the DruidCraft Tarot deck. I have just started to venture into the world of Lenormand.

My favourite colour is yellow.



Please use this form to contact me with regards to questions about your Tarot reading, or for any general enquiries or you can email me at:

spike (@) spiketarot (dot) com

Please feel free to leave a comment.

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