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Terms and Conditions

– Readings will not be completed until payment has been made. Readings normally take two or three days, however if I am likely to be delayed, I will contact you to let you know.
– I aim to empower the client to be proactive and in charge of their life. This means that the act of having a Tarot reading with me will not automatically “fix” any issues you may have, I do my part by reading, you have to then do your part by acting on the ideas and solutions that I may present to you in the reading.
– All readings are delivered by email in PDF format.
– I only read for people over 18.
– Clients are always treated non-judgmentally and with respect and empathy.
– Professional legal, medical or financial advice will not be given.
– I reserve the right to refuse any reading if I choose. If payment has been made a full refund will be issued.
– I will not undertake reading for anyone other than the client. Reading for third parties is unethical and really quite rude.


Thanks for your reading Spike, succinct and to the point it said all it needed to about changes that I had no idea were coming in for me and my partner and did come in a way that I hadn’t anticipated! I rarely have readings as I am quite particular about who reads for me, but having seen how things unfolded, if I need to know anything I will check in again with you Spike, thank you. E.S.

Do not hesitate to ask Spike about any lingering questions you have from the past…If you need to retrace your steps in life in order to figure out how you got to where you are today or to investigate whether you are fulfilling the promise of your dreams, Spike will bring to you as much clarity as he brought to me on a matter of this nature. He is as adept at helping to make sense of the past as he is at offering great guidance for the future.

So, I say entrust your worries and cares to Spike, and peace is just around the corner! J.L.

I myself am a tarot reader, have been working with the cards for over 10 years, but when I wanted a consult for some insight on things in my own life, I turned to Spike! I know of many different colleagues available for consults but I really like Spike’s way of reading the cards. I appreciate how thorough and professional he is, and how honest. He makes the reading a sort of personal art. His reading for me was a great mix of knowledge about the cards themselves along with his own intuition and “feelings” about how the reading wanted to tell me its story. It’s not easy to find a card reader who is adept at weaving your cards into a coherent story, but Spike is able to do this, and he is also very kind and compassionate as well. I highly recommend him! S.R.

Thank you , Spike for an insightful and professional reading. I have admired your approach to tarot for a while through reading your posts and was eager to see it transferred into an actual reading. Being at a crossroads career-wise it was a good opportunity to contact you. I found you to be efficient and your excellent communication showed through to the reading which was detailed, knowledgeable and intuitive.

Thank you! L.A.

Reading was straight to the point. Friendly Man, great communication through-out. Thank you. SH

I had a very in depth reading from Spike, his accuracy, and thoroughness and honesty were truly amazing. I found the reading very helpful, and when I read it a week later, it made total sense. I wholeheartedly recommend Spike and I am glad to do so. A great man with great ethics and a truly wonderful tarot reader, who works from the heart. C.T.

Spike’s reading was spot on!

There was no way he could have known what he revealed for me through the reading. He was able to deduce that there are changes afoot in my path & purpose and what they were and that I was deliberating over how to proceed.

He was able to pinpoint several recent issues that have arisen for me and the opportunities they afford me. He asked for clarification on a sensitive point which led to a more insightful interpretation of the cards.

He also pointed me in the direction of a very useful future resource which will enable me to fondly remember him and his message.

Thank you Spike, I will definitely be recommending you as an intuitive, insightful and sensitive card reader 🙂

Blessings, L.B.

Thank you very much for the reading, Spike. It made a lot of sense to me. I understand what is being said and how I am being guided. KG

Spikes love reading for me was spot on. My romantic girly side had hoped for a message of hearts & flowers, but I was kidding myself on with that! He gave me what I needed to hear. What I already knew. And a few things to think about.
He’s very intuitive and gifted. He had very little information to work on yet was able to deliver precise character details. His presentation of the reading was very professional. Highly recommended.
Thanks Spike. C.W.

First of all, I want to say a big thank to your time for giving me such a wonderful reading. You gave me the reading so fast, just about 1 day, so I really appreciated. Secondly, your reading is really honest, to the point and insightful. It is quite suitable to my situation right now (although it is not very positive) and I hope that everything will be fine. It also gives me some useful advice for my future. Thanks for your information, I will try my best, wait and see what I could do to get out of this difficult time.
Finally, thanks again for this great chance to know a nice tarot reader like you and I hope to see you again. K.G.

Thank you, Spike for a very grounded and accurate reading. Your ability to intuitively read the Tarot and apply it to my business question was truly amazing. You accurately captured how I was feeling at the time, which a little bit overwhelmed and stuck and you offered practical and valuable advice. I was able to move forward, feeling energized and with an ability to see what direction I needed to take.

I highly recommend Spike to anyone seeking a reading or direction in life. His reading was truly AWESOME it just took my breath away. As a Tarot reader, myself, I can tend to be a bit critical of other people’s reading but Spike ticked all the boxes for me. I will definitely be getting Spike to read for me again.

Warmest regards. M.

Spike has a natural gift, and his readings are spookily accurate. He seems to have affinity with his clients. J.D.

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