Sacred Sites: XVIII The Moon

XVIII The Moon
Sacred Site – Alhambra, Granada, Spain.

Alhambra is a palace and fortress complex located in Andalusia, Spain, it takes its name from the Arabic al-qala’a al-hamra meaning the Red Castle. Originally built as a small fortress around 890 it was left to ruin until the 11th century when it was rebuilt by the Moorish emir Mohammed ben Al-Ahmar. It was converted into a royal palace in the 13th century by Yusuf I, Sultan of Granada.

That’s really about it for this card, I don’t mind retelling the mythology stuff but regurgitating a whole load of history will just send you to sleep. I have read through a lot of information about the Alhambra and cannot tell why it was chosen to depict The Moon except for the beautiful reflection in El Patio de los Arrayanes?¿! I am embarrassed to write that we’ve lived within 150 kilometres of Granada for over ten years now, and still haven’t been there yet, soon.

Keywords: Fantasy, uncertainty, mystery.

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This is really just someone’s holiday video, but you get to see the palace and the music is great.

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Summer Floods?¿!

This post doesn’t have a lot to do with Tarot, I guess you could call it random thoughts. This is more about the simple pleasures of life that come from where we live. Yesterday was the first day of Summer, not literally although it has been getting warmer for  three weeks now, it was the first day because the land was flooded by our landlord.

IMG_2563 We live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in southern Spain, a beautiful area with lots of walks that can take you for long distances without seeing another soul. When we first came to view the house I was intrigued by the channels that run along side the track. They look old, I mean really old and I presumed that whatever they were, their function had now ceased. I mentally put this aside as we viewed the house, liked it and decided to move in (it wasn’t that easy as we nearly lost the house because of the unease of the owner over Vanessa and I both being Tarot readers, but that is a story for another day). We’ve been here for over two years now, and love it. We have land that we can use to grow vegetables, and there are about 200 orange and mandarin trees, and about 20 avocado trees, we can take what we want from these, idyllic? Abso-bloody-lutely.

With living in such a hot environment, there is always an issue with water though. We do our best, in the IMG_2560hot months, all the water that we use, from the washing machine to our shower is used to water the vegetables. But the 200 trees, well that’s where the channels come in, they are used to move water from a spring in the mountains, to the Fincas (spanish farm) in the area. The farmers are allowed an allotted time to water their land every two weeks or so, and when it’s our turn, fun! If you’re thinking of a gentle flow of water that wets the ground, think again. They FLOOD the land, as you can see from the photos, a lot of water is used. So why am I telling you this, because yesterday marked the first day of Summer, as from now we know to start conserving our water, but mainly because when the land is flooded, it’s fun, splashing around, filling every drum we have with water to keep the plants going for the next two weeks. We have five cats, and a stray that visits from time to time, they all like to sleep under the trees on the fallen leaves. When the IMG_2562water comes, there is always a mad dash for the safety of the house. Sometimes the simplest things can give the most pleasure, the water is great, it’s free, it fills our modest swimming pool with mountain water, feeds our crops, and is fun to splash around in. But what prompted me to write and share this is that after the dams are shut, and the water is just lying there, all you can hear is the bubbles as the ground soaks the water up, it’s like a collective sigh of gratitude from the trees. These are the simple pleasures, and I am grateful for them.